God's handiwork is evident as shown in the changed lives of people who have been touched by our ministry. Your continued prayers and support is so important to the work that is being done.

God's Word tells us in Rev: 12:11, "They overcame satan by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony.


By Carol Ann Waisanen, President of Angels for Christ Ministries
Special to ASSIST News Service

CORONA, CA (ANS) -- This is the story of a beautiful little boy called Justin, who was just eight years old when we met him. As Angels for Christ was distributing food at an outreach, in a very poor part of town, he ran up to us and asked if he could have a yogurt. He was thrilled when we gave him a case. His mother and father were also given food. It was much needed as they were drug addicted.

Justin didn’t know who Jesus was, but found out that day. He simply fell in love with Him. He started faithfully attending church coming all on his own. He constantly sang a little song he had learned two lines of it said "Jesus I just want to praise you more, Jesus I just want to love you more". Later his mother confessed that it greatly irritated her. But Justin would just tell her "Mum, if you would listen to it all the way through, you wouldn’t get so mad!"

As the sign up's for water baptisms were being taken, Justin was adamant that he would obey Jesus and be water baptized. But his mother refused to give permission saying she didn’t want anything to do with that kind of thing.

The day of the baptisms it was very chilly. Several adults backed out complaining that the water was just too cold. The children stayed committed. Justin stood by watching and after the last baptism was finished he lunged forward and just jumped right in with all of his clothes on insisting they baptize him. How could they refuse?

Only a few weeks later Justin, unsupervised, ran out onto a busy main road and was hit by a car and fatally injured. Ironically, our friend pastor Gerry who had baptized Justin heard the accident, ran to him and started CPR but to no avail. Gerry said it was as though he felt little Justin's spirit leave his body. Justin closed his eyes and said goodnight earth, and we know when he opened them again, he said “Good morning heaven."

Little Justin was likely singing that same song, looking into the eyes of the One he loved so very much, only now the words are a little different, "Jesus now I can praise you more, Jesus now I can love you more."

His mother requested the song be sung at his funeral. The children in the choir barely made it through breaking down at the end. Salvation came to Justin's household that day and his Mother committed her life to Christ and was 'born again'. She was given his water baptism certificate and said how happy she was that he had been baptized before he died.

One of Justin's kidneys was donated to a pregnant Mum so she could give birth to her baby.

He was still giving....

When we give to the least, Christ is doing so much more than we can imagine.

This was a little life that taught us so much. Perhaps a soul too big for a little body, too filled with the glory of God for this evil world, and too ready to go on to be with his Master. Isaiah 57:1 (c) and 2) says...the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil, and they enter into peace.

Amy Carmichael, in her book “Gold by Moonlight” says "The soldier who simmers but does not boil, is no soldier." "Of all figures on the battlefield he is the most futile."

Our prayer is that this little “soldier's” life will touch thousands of “big people” who are only simmering, and that their hearts be set on fire and changed to Christ in a deeper way, or that they receive a new life in Him.

Goodnight Justin, thank you for your precious life which has impacted so many of us, and we believe will impact many more.

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Amazing Heroin Deliverance

Terry, addicted to heroin for over thirty years was set free by the awesome power of Christ.

He became a "follower" of Jesus over four years ago and is now "on fire" with the knowledge that Christ is as real today as he was 2000 years ago and is ever ready to change and transform the sinner to a saint. Just to see and hear him recently was like a reward from the Lord. In fact, Terry is now working as part of our evangelistic team reaching others for Christ.

From the hopelessness of the street; homeless, destitute and in bondage, he broke down one day, knowing his life was on a deadly course.

He told us that at the age of 47, his life was all over and that there was no hope for him.

But God...changes things. Terry repented and that's when the "Deliverer" came, and brought new life, new hope, and new plans...

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Captives Set Free in Mexico

We started a new outreach helping a small Mexican church by providing supplies for an orphanage in Mexico.

While in Mexico, we discovered that one of the major prisons in Mexico houses some 2500 inmates, including 1000 women and children. Can you believe, women and children often go into jail along with their husbands, and children are actually being raised inside the prison?

As tragic as this situation is, God is able to use His people bringing help to those in need, and light into darkness.

We are thankful for this opportunity to reach the helpless and the hopeless.

We will be supplying Bibles, tracts and all practical needs into this prison especially for the women and children.

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Freed from Alchohol Addiction

Then there was Robert, in his thirties, totally addicted to alcohol for many years. Dishelved and hopeless looking. We would feed him and minister the Gospel to him. One day he called us threatening suicide. Once more Christ came into that conversation and suicide was quenched.

For the past 9 months he has been clean; set free from alcohol by God's power. He has blossomed in a rehab program. He was "born again" according to John 3.3 and is now a new creation as Christ promised.

Robert is now joining the Salvation Army!

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Let by a Child

There are many wonderful exploits and stories we could tell that would take up far beyond the space than a newsletter can provide. But another notable story which made our year, involves two families we wrote about some time ago. We were able to rescue them from the streets.

Two single mothers and a total of eight children became Christians when they accepted Christ as their Savior.

Once on the streets, God miraculously met their need for housing and helped them get their life together.

But the most exciting part is that they are following Him with hearts on fire. They are now very involved with a local church and best of all...the children (ages 6-14) are leading other neighborhood children to the Lord. They even round them up for church each week!

We visited them on Christmas Eve and prayed under the stars, where the presence of the Holy Spirit, the very presence of Christ, flooded everyone there. For that brief moment, the Holy Spirit came like a lovely cloud upon us.

As I looked at all these little shinning faces, I was reminded of the scripture in the Gospel of Mathew, where Jesus said,"...whoever humbles himself like this child is greatest in the kingdom of heaven".

How true that scripture is, and now, Glory to God, the babes are leading other babes to Jesus!

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